It has been months since the COVID-19 outbreak first hit us, and we’re still learning how to safely move forward with our lives. For many, that has meant continuing to stay home, sitting still, and avoiding going anywhere or doing anything unnecessary. Others have had to make major life choices—choices like moving to a new home. Maybe you got your dream job in a new city. Maybe your lease is up and you need to find a new place to live. Maybe it’s just time for a change.

No matter what your circumstances are, moving can be done safely despite COVID-19. Here are three safety tips that will be particularly helpful to follow when moving during a pandemic.

Start Preparing Early

The earlier you prepare, the more comfortable you will feel when moving day arrives. If you’re using a moving company, ask questions about their updated safety procedures. Many companies are constantly updating their processes as they receive health and safety updates. You can contact them directly by phone or through their website.

Set up a cleaning station by the front door of your home for movers to use. Buy disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and rubber gloves that you can use to clean your hands and belongings as you pack and throughout the moving process. You won’t regret stocking up on supplies in advance.

Consider Moving on Your Own or Using Contactless Moving Options

Health experts say the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is through social distancing and limited contact between those who live outside of your household. While moving on your own is the best way to ensure you have limited contact with others, it may be too difficult for you to do so. Luckily, many moving companies have added more safety measures to protect their customers, including contactless options.

Moving containers like these from PODS are a great option for a contactless move. These allow you to fill the container with your belongings without any physical interaction with others. You don’t have to be present, even when movers come to pick them up. All of the moving process can be done without physical contact.

Buy Your Moving Boxes

It’s also important to buy your own moving boxes rather than purchasing them secondhand or receiving them from donation services. While finding free boxes is cost-effective, germs can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. It’s better to be safe than sorry and stick to boxes that haven’t been used by others.

You can use boxes that have been in your home for a while or purchase new ones from Amazon or home improvement stores like Home Depot, which is only a six-minute drive from The Parsons.

It’s vital to the safety of you and your family to take safety precautions while moving during a pandemic. With these three tips, you can ensure your move will go as smoothly and safely as it would have before. We can’t wait to welcome you home!