October is over, and you’ve finally put away the last remains of Halloween. While you search under cushions for surviving pieces of candy, you realize your place feels a little bare. Before you know it, you’re breaking out holiday decorations and merrily singing along to familiar carols. You’re not alone. In fact, psychologists confirm that people who decorate earlier for the holidays are happier. 

While colorful lights and decorations set the mood, the holidays aren’t the same without the aroma of your favorite snacks, baked goods, or unique family recipes filling the air. Take a little extra time to take care of any holiday appliance maintenance so you can enjoy the holiday season.

Start with a Deep Cleaning 

For those who love to cook, it’s essential to stay on top of your appliance maintenance to ensure they continue working at full capacity. To help make the most of the tools in your kitchen, consider giving your most-used appliances a deep cleaning. In a survey of nearly 400,000 appliances, Consumer Reports found that 6 percent of people reported problems with cooking elements working properly on ranges. Meanwhile, another 5 percent of respondents said their refrigerators didn’t cool properly. 

Here are some cleaning suggestions to minimize any surprises with your appliances:

  • Your refrigerator has wheels. Unplug it, pull it away from the wall, and carefully remove the dust from the mechanical coils.
  • Set your oven to cleaning mode, scrub the stove, and ensure the burners and heat elements are working correctly.
  • Check on your dishwasher to make sure dishes come out clean. A helpful tip is to place a single dishwasher-safe cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run a full cycle.

These extra appliance maintenance steps will help ensure a happier holiday season.

Don’t Forget about Our Maintenance Crew

At The Parsons, we want you to focus on making happy holiday memories and not appliance maintenance. We have on-site 24-hour maintenance teams ready and willing to address any appliance repairs you may require. It doesn’t matter if your maintenance request is big or small; visit The Parsons’ Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our team will respond quickly and set an appointment to come over and address your needs.

Remove the holidays’ stress by giving your appliances a deep cleaning and reaching out to our maintenance team early with any issues. The staff here at The Parsons in Costa Mesa wishes you the happiest of holidays!